Complex procedures and greedy colonial traumatic by Liban Miyir

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Complex procedures and greedy colonial traumas. By Liban Miyir.

Fighters problem greedy procedures and traumas colonized ameliorated only durable, cohesion, trust, a transparent and higher levels of colonialism, as well as a pass that those who stand for freedom seekers and friend struggle thwart the plan colonialism and slavery Aids to come, we have a special counsel together suggest that if we are members of ONLF wherever to show good discipline, patience, kindness, grants and attractive so that we can better our case, haunted people he represents our mission is and relies on, so it’s not an occupying colonial and national Aids conference we did.

Fighters you more with some public struggles of the insult you, you punches you come, that in the event there is a need to act, and the anger of the prevention of brain and counseling patience and resolve.

Veterans and indexes are issues of truth, unless path of the truth of the case is not an example to be the right people in the dispute could, brothers always remember a phrase ‘Freedom is not give it finds struggle’ ONLF members when we are all together, we set up our freedom and the freedom of the world see that we are a nation in the world to be free from the regime and the historic invasion of 1884 will we be perpetrators.

In spite of the oppressive use tab and strategies every enables to intimidate those who want to pressure bottom out, then to historically been proven to withstand the wishes of people the freedom to get up and going first is necessary for people who want the freedom to go for that effort and struggle long and traumatic distress after they reach freedom.
By Liban Miyir Abdi (Kulmiye)

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