The Failing Regime in Ethiopia Exhorts Ogaden Somalis to pay for their debacle. ONLF Press Release

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Two days ago the regional head of the Somali puppet Administration in Ethiopia declared on Ethiopian regime TV that his administration has donated ten million Birr to the Tigray refugees who displaced from Oromia, Amhara and other regions in Ethiopia. This money was allocated from development funds horded from international aid and usually used to pay for the killing paramilitaries in Ogaden.


To further cater to the needs of the dying regime in Ethiopia the regional strongman went to Dhegahbur and Qabri-dahar and ordered the Somali elders to start collecting livestock and teenage soldiers for the regimes army that has been deployed in Amhara, Gambella and Oromo regions in Ethiopia. He stated that any Somali clan that does not share in this nefarious project will be swiftly and mercilessly punished.

The Ogaden is already under economic and aid embargo and there is routine rampant arbitrary detentions, extrajudicial killings and use of rape as a weapon to humiliate the Somali people. It is estimated that more than 30,000 illegal detainees are held all over the Ogaden and rape of women is the norm rather than the exception in Ogaden.

These desperate acts are clear indications that the Ethiopian regime is losing control and is resorting looting of aid and instigating civil wars among the people in Ethiopia by trying to conscript the youth from one region and use them against the other youth that are peacefully demonstrating against them. It was the other way around for the last 10 years. The regime would bring to the Ogaden thousands of newly conscripted younger’s and use them as cannon folders against the Somali fighters.

ONLF strongly condemns the regimes’ behaviour in Ogaden and the rest of Ethiopia and call upon all the people to unite and peaceful assert their rights to freedom and democracy.
ONLF call upon the International community to make the Ethiopian regime accountable for its human rights violations and stop the never ending carnage in Ethiopia.

Victory to the peoples in Ethiopia
Ogaden National Liberation Front

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